History of KURIS

Kenyatta University Research Innovative Technology Society was founded by Mr. Mwangi Macharia and launched on 30th of October 2015. The launch was conducted during a meeting held at BSSC room 152. The turn up was great, with students and friends pouring in to support their very own society. The meeting was chaired by Mwangi Macharia, the chairman then, and was conducted from 2-5p.m. Initially, KURIS used to be known as SIRITECH, acronym for Science Invention Research Innovation and Technology Society, but changed to KURIS shortly before registration. Currently, the chair of KURIS is Ms. Sharon Chacha. After being launched, the Society has had several activities which include

  • Participated in KUSA awards 2016 and emerged the best new club in Kenyatta University.
  • Participated in SPAS Clubs Challenge and emerged the number 3 best club.
  • The members visited Watu Wa Maana Childrens' Home in Ruiru Town .
  • The members visited Bethsaida Childrens' Center in Kayole Town.
  • Successfully held the first ever innovation challenge organized by a students society, where many young brains got technical and moral support and inspiration to many more who were watching as the innovations were being presented.
  • The society made relations with Organizations such as Eddah's Hope Cancer Organization, AfricaToAmerica organization, NAIruby Society among others.
  • Several meetings of the office bearers.
  • Acquiring T-shirts branded with KURIS logo, email and website.
  • An Increase in membership

To prepare members for an unforgivingly competitive future, training them in important aspects and skills along their line of interest or study, to face the world boldly and equipped. Exposure, leadership and team work are among the important aspects and skills of life the society aims to inculcate to its members.

KURIS has been awarded the best new club of the year in Kenyatta University and the third best club in School of Pure and Apllied Sciences. One of the greatest Achievements KURIS has made is to be able to bring members from very different courses, department and schools together under one umbrella, where they can share ideas, thus increasing inter-personal skills and creating confection. Through KURIS, people have met their long lost high school buddies, and even made new friends, those they could not have met, if there lacked a platform like KURIS. In addition, KURIS has enabled different people to exercise their leadership skills, by serving as leaders in different capacities. KURIS has enabled people to present their ideas, express their opinion on different aspects of life, develop a positive attitude towards life and get challenged by their colleagues to do better in life.

To rear a transformed generation of people who will go out to show the world the real gist of success, development and positive transformation.


Executive Committee

Other Committees



From my point of view, I can actually confirm that this is the best club I have ever joined. They have really stood out form the others and innovation has been the key to their success. Keep up the good work and God bless KURIS.

Duncan Kipchumba


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KURIS consist of individuals with excellent teamwork skills combined with the discipline to work extremely well.  Members are hardworking, reliable and honest despite their working to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and share their information. Members are eager to be challenged, a strong organizational and communication skills involving the ability to disseminate information and knowledge whilst listening and putting into practice new innovative ideas.

Kenneth Obuya