KURIS takes part in various activities which have already been carried out and others which are planned for the near future. The activities that we have already undertaken include:

  • Innovation challenge 2016 series.
  • Participating and getting awarded in various club challenges such as KUSA awards 2016.
  • RUBY programming language for programmers
  • Atlassian meetup first of its kind in KU.
  • Launching of the society.
  • Meetings such as the AGM
  • Community outreach activities such as visiting children's home, cleaning the county streets and visiting the sick.

KURIS society was launched on 30th October 2015, in a meeting in a meeting attended by tens of people to usher in the best new club

The Annual General Meeting is held once in an academic year. This year's Annual General meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 17, 2016 at  BSSC room 152

KURIS society encourages members to carry out research in different fields and provides a platform for presentation. Some of the members began carrying out research on cancer, aimed at creating an awareness on cancer.

Elton Awori

Research Department Chair

KURIS is a proactive society comprised of members who are enrolled in different schools at Kenyatta University hence the need to put into practice the various skills acquired in their respective schools.  This therefore formed the basis for the formation of the innovation challenge which gives a chance to the members to show case their skills through innovation in their field of study. The event took place on February 12, 2016 at BSSC rm 012 at 11a.m.  

Willis Okombo

Innovation Department Chair

Community Outreach Activities are held every second weekend of the month.In the recent past we have visited children's homes such as ,Watu wa maana children's home in Ruiru and Bethsaida children's home in Kayole. In addition, we have partnered with Nairobi County Environment Office to clean up the streets of Kahawa West Ward. To give back to ourselves, we visited FourteenFalls in Thika for fun and capacity building.

Ella Nova

Publicity & Community Outreach Department Chair


KURIS is a big society interested in inculcating in promoting research and technology, and providing a platform for members and our friends to apply the knowledge they have learned in class in practice. In this regard, KURIS has partnered with Atlassian Company to bring the Atlasian User Groups meetup to Kenyatta University programmers for the first time. The event took place on the Saturday of September 24, 2016.

Willis Okombo

Innovation Department Chair

In a bid to promote the value of programmers and the exposure to the situation in the real world, KURIS partnered with Safaricom Ltd to invite Women In Technology and Blaze by Safaricom Foundations to Kenyatta University. The workshop was a great success. We look forward to similar collaboration in future

Willis Okombo

Innovation Department Chair

  • Research Department

    Chaired by Elton Awori.

    The department aims at upholding and empowering interested members to develop beneficial research skills through training, group research projects, and competition.

  • Innovation Department

    Chaired by Willis Okombo

    The department aims at promoting innovation and creativity among interested members. We do this through training sessions, innovation competitionss and providing a platform for healthy competition between creative minds.

  • Finance Department

    Chaired by Vaati Mutisya

    The department is the finance hub for KURIS aimed at coming up with income-generating projects and advising the Executive Committee on the best financial routes to pursue.

  • Publicity & Community Outreach Department

    This department organizes community outreach activities such as visiting children's homes and cleaning the environment among other activities. We also maintain KURIS social media outlets and ensure KURIS remains relevant and connected.

KURIS consist of individuals with excellent teamwork skills combined with the discipline to work extremely well.  Members are hardworking, reliable and honest despite their working to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and share their information. Members are eager to be challenged, a strong organizational and communication skills involving the ability to disseminate information and knowledge whilst listening and putting into practice new innovative ideas.

Kenneth Obuya

Design Thinking Facilitation (venue: Bssc, from 10am to 4pm)