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So what does your papers say? What about skills,

which ones do u have?

Please don’t say Microsoft proficiency, Word and Excel skills and PowerPoint knowledge, coz those were in use 5-10 years ago, if you have those alone, my friend u’r living in the wrong times. We are more advanced now than our seniors, the world is looking for IoT proficiency (Internet of Things), Cloud and Domain knowledge, Certified Analytical Skills etc. Worry not though, coz u know KURIS, and KURIS is offering these plus more.

In this rapidly developing world advancements in ways of doing things and in technology is always prompt. To ensure you are well prepared and up to date, KURIS has partnered with a Safaricom initiative and group dubbed WIT, to equip you with capabilities in IoT, Fiber Technology, M2M(machine to machine advancements), Programming and networking, and  LTE (long-Term Evolution technology eg 4G, 5G, nd so on). This event will be held on October and everyone from all fields and interests is welcome.

KURIS is going on to new advancements by organizing a grand Certified Student Research Training that will equip you with quantity and quality analytical skills that will boost ur performance and analysis capabilities in all fields. The trainees will receive a worthy advanced certificate at the end of the training to enable the quality ladies and gentlemen to stand out and think remarkably. This will be done on 14th and 15th September 10 am – 4 pm at BSSC room 149.

These are just the beginning of what we as KURIS have planned for you. Its time to get ready for the future and meet it head on. Time for you to be great.

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Favor from God

By John Wandera

I have always believed that there exists a super being that has omnipotent control over all creation. I know this may cause a myriad different opinions, but I believe it so much. Actually, I believe that everything we do is just a simple favor from that supreme Deity. Do you agree with me? We are nothing without Him.

Kenya Today

By Cynthia Awour
Do you believe that quite a few centuries ago, Kenya was at per if not ahead of other small countries which are now doing exemplary I think if we purposed to change Kenya we really can.Just have to set our priorities right.

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Strength of the soul 

By Shiee

Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in alll things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak

Innovation changing lives

By Kevin Ng'ang'a
It's only when people are innovative that they can solve problems in a more environmental friendly and cost effective means. We need innovation to keep replacing the old methods and habits of doing things.

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