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The mention of the name Mandela paints our minds with a picture of a fragile being locked away in the confinement of Robben island and later released to be the leader of the huge nation. However, a closer look at this leadership icon gives birth to another side, a better perception of Nelson Mandela as a leader of the people. Mandela was not your ordinary kind of the youth nor your usual kind of a leader as he is the perfect example ofleadership of the people for the people and by the people,a picture perfect of solidarity and care for the affair of the community as a whole. Mandela, both at a personal level and communal level as a whole believed in the benefits of fostering education. Despite his poor background, racial competitive society and discriminative background back then, he was willing to fight tooth and nail, hold on to the thin tightening thread and finish his education. He understood the benefits of education to an individual and his role in the society, to anextend of working as a watchman in order to pay for his LLB education. As the Mandela of today, we ought to emulate the same spirit rather than pick up lame excuses for our failure in education. Let's not take it and blame the society when things aren't working our way as at the very end if the road is you, your life and what you did with it. Always keep in mind that you're not the first one to have the same problem and neither the last.Through out his lifetime, Mandela portrayed qualities of a good and dependable leader in the making. He walked in the footsteps of what he thought and believed to be right in spite of the consequences it posed. He understood the concept of life not being a bed of roses and the walk to freedom made it even harder given the situation. There was no short cut. He knew in order to see the beauty of the rose, he had to deal with the toughness and pricking of the thorns. In the same way, as the Mandelas of today , we need to be able to stand for what we believe in unswayed by masses or convenience of situations. We need to find and know our place in the society, voice our ideas and be the change that we need in the society as a whole. Each and everyone over of us has a leader and brilliant ideas in them, we just have to find that platform. And if there's none, we ought to create one for that's the charisma and the approach in the spirit on Mandela the society needs. Let's not succumb to the society's misfortune anddraw backs this finding a reason to withdraw and tighten our seatbelts in our comfort zone. We should be a people with the audacity to vacate out comfort zone and have the challenge head on; push ourselves beyond our limits. That's what the Mandela spirit entails. Mandela was a youth interested in the affairs if the community.