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Oh beautiful! You were the brightest star in

the dark sky called life,

Let me for once shed out the pain; fully

I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity.

but same time I realized forever does exists but in pain.


Baby remember those escapadesthose mini trips out of town

just to escape the eyes of society.Oh baby those kisses those

promises, those mini date,those days of struggle do you remember

for we had to hide for religion was the culprit

Baby do you remember those fightswhere we fought like bunch of kidsyet made up after a whileDo you remember the tears we shedwhen we were hurt by each other’s action.

Darling do you remember how we visitedtemples, churches and prayed thatour parents agree for our remember those days when we had no moneyyet we lived like royals in each other’s companyremember those struggles.

Remember the times you stood by meand said until death do us apart we shallbe together. remember the times we spent hours togetherholding each other’s hand and getting lostin our own worldtalking gibberish letting imagination run wild.

Remember those funny days when we plannedwho will be our daughters protector.How shall I tell the things that I remember foryou have forgotten my existence.

How shall I express my sadness when words merely

touch the top layer of it all.

How shall I tell you thatevery night is a battle of mind and heart.How shall I tell you that I cannot be normal ever again.How do I tell you I can never go back homefor your memories haunt me in those roads, those parks,those hills those rivers. How shall I explainyou that I still haven't moved on.

Munchkin how do I tell you,how I miss you every day,how shall I tell you that I forgive you,How do I plead with you to come back.How do I tell you my soulis empty without you.

Darling how do I forget you wheneverything I do reminds me of you.When the river of alcohol alsodoes not help.How do I tell you I miss youhow do I show you my life's incompletenessHow do I tell you I am a changed person now.

How do I tell you that hope left me, how do I tell youfaith kicked me, how do I tell youthat memories is all that is with meHow do I tell that I no longer have the strengthto smile, how do I beg, how do I plead, how do I prayfor your return baby.

How do I tell myself that I need to forget you.How, how baby how, When I still love youHow do I forget you when all I ever want isto be with you.How do I tell you that this isthe last poem I will write for you..!Probably!