Committees in KURIS

The following are the major committees in KURIS

1. Research Committee

     Constitutes of members interested in Research and technology. Holds an Innovation Challenge once per semester, offering researchers a chance to present to an audience. The committee also holds weekly presentations on contemporary scientific aspects.

2. Finance Committee

    Constitutes of members who brainstorm to figure out ways in which KURIS can raise money to become self-supportive, and trains people on different aspects relating to financial management and practices.

3. Publicity & Community Outreach Committee

    Constitutes of members who plan and carry out community outreach activities including visiting childrens' homes, cleaning streets among others. The committee members also keep the social media platforms of    KURIS updated. We have a social media platform in Facebook (KURIS) and WhatsApp. All our past and upcoming activities are well advertised in our platforms.

You are not a fully fledged member of KURIS before paying up in full the membership fee as stipulated in the constitution..

Membership Fees

Subscription fee -> Ksh. 200 payable once

Renewal fee       -> Ksh. 100 per semester

 All monies are to be paid to the treasurer, and in the absence of the treasurer, should be paid to the secretary, with issuance of a reciept as evidence of payment.

Benefits of joining KURIS

Among other benefits, members of KURIS are entitled to the following benefits as per the purposes of KURIS.

a)  To inculcate and foster research, invention, innovation and technology.
b)  To promote job creation and entrepreneurial skills.
c)  To cultivate spirit of problem solving and creativity.
d)  To promote self and national development.
e)  To provide a forum for speakers to make presentations of timely interest to members on contemporary aspects of science, invention, research, innovation and technology
f)   To schedule visits and field trips to companies in the technological environment.
g)  To foster and maintain contacts and the exchange of ideas between the various disciplines
        of study and interest.
h)  To promote character development in society members, including cooperation,
       teamwork, leadership, and loyalty
i)  To promote instrumentation, technicality and maneuver practical skills among members
       by exposing them to various machines, equipment and systems in the industrial environs.
j)  To provide social activities and events for the membership

Talents among members

The following have been designed by members of KURIS


KURIS consist of individuals with excellent teamwork skills combined with the discipline to work extremely well.  Members are hardworking, reliable and honest despite their working to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and share their information. Members are eager to be challenged, a strong organizational and communication skills involving the ability to disseminate information and knowledge whilst listening and putting into practice new innovative ideas.

Kenneth Obuya