The Directorate had set the date for release of the 4 th online room application results for 1 st semester 2019/2020 as 9th October 2019. This date had been set with a view to having a final allocation with more spaces considering that there is likely to be spaces falling vacant after the semester registration deadline expires on the 4 th October (from both those on temporary who may not be able to meet the fees deadline as well as the first years who may not report).

The Directorate has however received several requests from students to release the 4 th online room application results for 1 st semester 2019/2020 earlier so that successful applicants don’t have to pay rent for the new month as most off campus rents are paid by the 5 th of the month.
To respond to this need, the Directorate has decided to first allocate the currently few available spaces that resulted from non signed- in rooms of the 3 rd allocation, to those who have made the 4 th application. The Directorate will then issue a 5 th and final call thereafter, to take care of the spaces that will fall vacant after registration deadline.
The 4 th application therefore closes today 1 st October 2019 at 5 pm. Successful candidates will be notified by Thursday 3 rd October 2019 2.00 pm and should sign in by Wednesday 9 th October 2019 by 5.00 pm.
Students are reminded that the available bed spaces are few .Those that miss can re-apply for the 5 th online allocation that will be done once the semester registration deadline ends.
This application EXCLUDES students of the following schools who will still be continuing with their previous academic year;

1) Medicine – 2017 and earlier years
2) Medical lab – 2017 and earlier years
3) Pharmacy – 2017 and earlier years
4) Nursing – 2017 only

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