{tab COP17}

COP17 held in Durban

Esther Munyiri of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Kenyatta University and other delegates with the Kenya’s minister for environment at the COP17 held in Durban, South Africa, November, 2011

{tab  IGAD  Tourismstakeholder’s seminar}


IGAD  Tourismstakeholder
Members of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Kenyatta University during the IGAD  Tourismstakeholder’s seminar in Ethiopia, where they were appointed members of the Committee of Experts (COE) for the preparation of the IGAD Tourism Master Plan: Dr Manyara (2nd row far right); Ray Mutinda (2nd row, 3rd right) and Shem Maingi (2nd row 5th right)

{tab  IGAD  Eco-Tourism Conference}

AMREF Training 

Members of the School of Hospitality and Tourism at the Eco-Tourism Conference held on the 20th -22nd February, 2012:  Albert Kariuki (1st row, 2nd left); Esther Munyiri (3rd row, 5th right).

{tab IGAD  Tourism Development Region workshop}

Eastern Africa Region workshop
Members of the School of Hospitality and Tourism at the Tourism Development in the Eastern Africa Region workshop held on the 7th June, 2012 at the Laico, Regency, Hotel, Nairobi: Shem Maingi (back row, 3rd right); Esther Munyiri (2nd row, 8th right); Ray Mutinda (2nd row, 12th right).

 {tab KTB Stakeholder forum}

KTB Stakeholder forum on Northern Corridor Tourism Integration Initiatives, held on October 2014 10th

Kenyatta University, School of Hospitality and Tourism on an extended invite from Ms. Fiona Ngesa – Regional Markets Manager, Kenya Tourism Board. The forum was very insightful, addressing some of the Northern Corridor Integration initiatives as well as unique opportunities and challenges facing regional initiatives in Africa. It was an informative, professional as well as insightful by the speakers' rigor in discussions on regional integration initiatives in Africa. Kenyatta University was ably represented by Dr. Mary Mutungi (Chair), Dr. Shem Maingi and Mrs. Esther Munyiri.

{tab First African Conference}

The First African Conference on Sustainable Tourism, held on 23rd Strathmore University

Strathmore University, in conjunction with the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) held the first African Conference on Sustainable Tourism at Stathmore University on the 24th October 2014. The main theme of the conference was Sustainability in Tourism: Making 25th tourism count to communities, ecosystems and businesses. Kenyatta University academic staff

from the tourism department participated in the two day conference and presented various articles as highlighted below:-

    • Dr. Shem Maingi & Dr. Alice Ondigi: Sustainability of park branding as a Vision 2030 policy initiative in tourism sector in Kenya.
    • Mrs. Esther Munyiri – Community participation in tourism: The case of Lewa
    • Mr. Albert Kariuki – Community based tourism as a strategy of collaboration and partnership in protected area management: A Case of Tsavo National Park, Kenya

{tab KIST inaugural research conference }

Conference at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology

The Chairman, Department of Tourism Management, Dr. Mary Mutungi participated and presented an article within the KIST inaugural research conference, held on the 9th October 2014. The key theme of the conference was New developments in TVET within the context of devolution and realization of Vision 2030 in Kenya.

{tab Collaborations}

Collaborations with GTTP and IATA

GTTP Kenya members to Kenyatta University School of Hospitality and Tourism programmes and history. Mr. Okello (GTTP – EA) also introduced the members of staff from GTTP EA as well as the institution’s roles and mandate. The programme started in 1985 in Kenya by the company American Express Travel in the USA. The GTTP’s mission was to expand Travel & Tourism-related educational and career opportunities for secondary school students, to develop their awareness of the importance of Travel & Tourism to their country’s economy and the global economy. Mr. Okello noted that many students in the country realize on their career options within and after secondary school and he mentioned therefore, they found the need to get endorsement of GTTP programmes for secondary schools from the Ministry of Education in Kenya. The GTTP curriculum was then forwarded through to K.I.E and endorsed as training clubs. The Ministry of Tourism then equally endorsed the clubs. Patrons in these clubs were specially selected geography teachers. The patrons were equally trained on the programme as a means of encouraging engagement and stewardship based on the goals of GTTP Kenya. Existing programmes under GTTP EA include Help fund operations, curriculum development, teacher training and participation in global student-teacher activities as well as the GTTP curriculum Passport to the World. In Mr. John Okello’s statement, he noted that Kenyatta University has a strong image for innovation and research and therefore they felt that Kenyatta University was ideal for collaboration with GTTP EA.