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Title/Qualifications: Ph.D.
Ag. Dean,Kenyatta University School of Law
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Research Interests

  • International human rights law, human rights law, law of international organizations, law and religion, ethnicity and political governance.

Research and Publications


  • R Home & F Kabata ‘Turning Fish Soup Back into Fish?: The Wicked Problem of African Community Land Rights’ (2018) 9 Journal of Sustainable Development, Law and Policy pp 1-22
  • F Kabata ‘Impact of UN human rights monitoring mechanisms in Kenya’ (2017) in A. Bień -Kacała, L. Csink, T. Milej, M. Serowaniec (eds.), Liberal constitutionalism – between individual and collective interests, Toruń 2017 pp 145-170

Conference papers

  • F Kabata ‘The years the locust has eaten: Revisiting the right to economic self-determination in the context of the failed right to development in the African Human Rights System, to be presented at the 3rd Conference on the Right to Development, Free State Centre for Human Rights, University of the Free State Bloemfontein, Main Campus, South Africa on 25-27th September, 2019
  • F Kabata ‘On the margins of religious freedom: Indigenous peoples, sacred sites and environmental conservation in Kenya’s Endorois and Ogiek cases’ presented at the African Consortium of Law and Religious Studies 7th Annual Conference in Gaborone, Bostwana in May 2019
  • F Kabata ‘Religion and international human rights law: Religion in the Kenya’s Constitution Making and in the Post 2010 Interpretation and Application of the Bills of Rights presented at the African Association for the Study of Religions, University of Justo Mwale, Lusaka, Zambia in August 2018
  • F Kabata ‘Impact of UN human rights monitoring mechanisms in Kenya’, presented at the 2017,Association of Human Rights Institutes Conference, KU Leuven, Belgium in April 2017

Current Research: Book Chapters and Book

  • F Kabata ‘Too many false starts: Land tenure and upgrading of the Kibera informal settlement in Kenya ’ in R Home Land issues in urban land governance (2020) Springer Publishers
  • F Kabata Impact of international human rights monitoring mechanisms in Kenya (forthcoming)

School News



>>>>>>>>>Final Online Teaching Timetable Semester 2 2021 2022

>>>>>>>>>Final Face to Face Time Table Semester 2 2021 2022



The International Legal Consortium (ILC) at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids seeks six early- or mid-career lawyers based in sub-Saharan Africa to participate in the African Legal Fellowship Program.




The KU Law Review requests for Papers under the theme Regional Integration as the future of International Trade. The Call is intended to run from Monday, 5th July, 2021 to Friday, 1st October 2021. Kindly find attached documents to guide you as you write the papers: the poster advertising the call, the work plan, the description of the issue, the Law Review Editorial Policy and the KUSOL Referencing style.

Kenyatta University School of Law Students Emerge 2nd in the 2021 Africa Regional Rounds of the World Trade Organization Moot Court Competition

The Africa Regional Rounds of the 19thEdition of the John H Jackson Moot Court Competition, colloquially referred to as the World Trade Organization Moot Competition, were held on 23-28th March 2021.  Read More



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